What is The Full Spectrum Effect?

Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020

Full-spectrum is an extraction technique that harnesses the full profile of the plant – the terpenes, flavonoids, and raw cannabinoids that combine to produce a wide spectrum of psychotropic and physiological effects. Full Spectrum cannabis extracts emphasize the removal of unwanted compounds without compromising the integrity of the cannabis cultivar so that you as a consumer can experience the cultivar with natural ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes. These unwanted compounds typically consist of fats, lipids, and chlorophyll.

You may have heard your budtender mention ‘The Entourage Effect’ in cannabis. Is it a real phenomenon? Or just an anecdote?

To this point, the entourage effect is a complicated process to trace and identify in current research. However, Ethan Russo, a neurologist who serves as Director of Research and Development at the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute in Prague, adds that based on thousands of anecdotes he collected over the last 40 years, “small differences in cannabinoid and terpene mixtures create different user experiences.”

The entourage effect is the result of the synergy between two or more bioactive cannabis compounds. The idea behind the entourage effect is largely summed up as the ‘whole being greater than the sum of its parts’; ‘the whole’ refers to the full spectrum profile of the particular cultivar. This delicate synergy occurs between cannabinoids (known as the “cannabinoid spectrum”) and also between terpenes and cannabinoids. For instance, other cannabinoids, such as CBG and THC have their own set of effects in isolation, and a particular set of effects in combination as well.

We advocate both concepts mentioned above because we feel integrating full-spectrum rosin in our gummies resembles a true cannabis experience. Batch – to – batch, we are prepared to keep you on your toes with a full cannabinoid and terpene report available, so that you can become more mindful of how full-spectrum products are working for you. Can you relate to the entourage effect? Kinda like going out with your crew.

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