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Westword: Five Colorado Cannabis Companies To Watch

Rosin’s big push leaked into the edibles game in 2021, as a handful of new brands (and a few established ones) began offering gummies, chocolates and drinks made with the solventless extract. Yet they were all playing catch-up to Dialed In, and still probably haven’t gotten there yet (quite a feat for a company that’s just two years old) … Continue reading

America’s yummiest THC gummies of summer 2022

If you have things “dialed in,” you’re winning, and so is this rosin-based edible brand. In two years, they’ve collaborated with dozens of Colorado growers to produce small batches of strain-specific rosin gummies in rotating strains and flavors; recent batches are made from Oreoz, Mac, and Super Lemon Haze; flavors run the gamut of exotic fruits, from dragon fruit to guava and papayaContinue reading

Five Colorado Cannabis Products Worth the Search

Shopping for weed in Denver is equal parts fun and frustrating: There’s no shortage of products to choose from, but figuring out what to spend your money on gets difficult. … Continue reading

Ten Rosin Gummies Available in Dispensaries

Rosin gummies are here to stay. What started as a niche market sector has sprouted into a major edibles category in just two years, with popular local extractors and national brands alike making fruit chews infused with the solventless cannabis extract. Continue reading

Dialed In…Gummies rings up wins in education, product quality, and employee treatment

Dialed In…Gummies makes and sells small batch Liquid Gummies and Live Rosin Gummies (recreational and medical THC). Along the way, they’re also making buyers informed, dialing up high product quality, and taking good care of their workforce.

Founded right before the pandemic, Denver-based Dialed In…Gummies made a commitment from day 1 to test products, educate, and provide “clean” solvent-free products… Continue reading

Westword Best of Denver 2022: Best Weed Gummy

There are so many options for weed gummies at dispensaries that picking out a pack can be disorienting, and most customers end up buying whatever’s cheapest. If you’re looking for a brand that deserves your loyalty, though, Dialed In has been working really hard to earn it. Colorado’s first edibles maker to embrace rosin, Dialed In uses a sous-vide process to infuse gummies with rosin sourced from some of Colorado’s most popular growers and extractors … Continue reading

Finding Gluten-Free Weed Gummies

Robhots makes gluten-free gummies infused with distillate and rosin. Courtesy of Robhots
My girlfriend is gluten-free, which pretty much makes me gluten-free. While her intolerance for all things wheat and flour has devastated my experiences with bread, pasta and baked goods, my intake of weed gummies has remained unchanged. … Continue reading

Dialed In… EDU

What is cannabichromene (CBC)?

In 2021, most people have heard of THC and CBD — two of the most abundant and medically relevant cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. But how much do you know about CBC? Cannabichromene — AKA CBC — is another of the "big six" cannabinoids found in cannabis, made from...

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What does “sous vide” mean?

If you’re just discovering Dialed in Gummies, you may have noticed “sous vide batch” on our tins. For those of us who aren’t versed in cooking jargon (or French), “sous vide” (which translates to “under vacuum”) is a cooking technique used to cook foods in hot,...

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What happens to rosin as it ages?

In a few of our previous educational posts, we’ve touched on various topics that relate to how rosin changes over time if it’s left at room temperature or is exposed to oxygen. One of the most prominent changes that happens as time goes on is that terpenes begin to...

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Hash History: Legalization and the Resurgence of Solventless

Despite prohibition, there was still a large community of hash enthusiasts in the United States and around the world. In the mid 2000s, this led to a trend of solvent-based products that were often made in backyards and consumed at high temps. We now know that both of...

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What are anthocyanins?

When we wash our starting material to begin making rosin, some cultivars produce a significant change in the color of our water. This unique trend is caused by an organic substance known as anthocyanins. These pigments are naturally-occurring and soluble in water....

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Awards & Accolades…

2022 THC Championship

Overall Winner

Memberberry by Artsy

Best Rec Edibles

1st Place, People’s Choice & Connoisseur’s Choice

Red Gelatin by Bloom County

2nd Place

99 Pineapple Cakes by Vera

Best Med Edibles

1st Place, People’s Choice & Best Gummy

Memberberry by Artsy

2nd Place & Connoisseur’s Choice

Mandarin Cookies by iion Cannabis

Westword 2022 Best of Denver Reader’s Choice Winner

Best Rosin Edible

Westword 2022 Best of Denver Winner

Best Weed Gummy

2021 THC Championship Winner

1st Place & People’s Choice

Banana MAC by Good Chemistry

2nd Place & Connoisseur’s Choice

Sundae Driver by Soiku Bano

2020 Cannabis Business Awards Best Edible Winner

The Motet Ticket GiveawayA Collaboration with Dialed In...Gummies, Kind Love and The Motet

Dialed In...Gummies is proud to be a sponsor of The Motet's Colorado Halloween Shows in conjunction with our friends at Kind Love. Please use the sign up form below to enter a contest to win a pair of tickets to either the Boulder or Fort Collins shows next week. Five (5) winners will win 2 tickets to the Boulder Theater shows in Boulder (Saturday, October 30th), and three (3) winners will win 2 tickets to the Washington's show in Fort Collins (Friday, October 29th). Entrants also must provide their Instagram handle and be following @dialedingummiesco, @kindlove_nursery and @themotet. Winners will be notified the morning of Thursday, October 28th. This contest is open to Colorado residents over the age of 21. No purchase necessary. Good luck!

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10 Days of Rube Zilla 420 Giveaway

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