get dialed back...

This fantastic dragon fruit gummy is packed with a cannabinoid mix you know and love —  THC and CBD — to help get you dialed back into the rhythm of your day.

What sets our new sleep gummy apart?

Full Spectrum Solventless Rosin

Experience ultimate relaxation with our Dialed Back… formula, crafted with care using our signature 10mg full spectrum solventless rosin as a base. True to character, our innovative sous vide batching technique ensures you get the same quality and consistency that you’re accustomed to.


This perfectly balanced gummy combines 10mg of solventless rosin with 10mg of pure CBD, totaling 20mg of cannabinoids. Crafted for those seeking deep relaxation, this formula is meant to guide you into a state of serene tranquility.

Fantastic Dragon Fruit Flavor

While Dialed In… Gummies is known for our exciting flavor combinations, and ever-changing selections from over 20 varieties, Dialed Back… consistently delivers the tantalizing taste of dragon fruit in each and every bite.

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