100 mg Rec

Batch #364Ego Checker

Collaborator Malek’s Premium Cannabis

Lineage (Do-Si-Dos x Kush Mintz)

Cannabinoids 80.00%

Terps 4.77%

Primary Terpenes CaryophylleneLimoneneLinalool

THC 75.00%

CBG 3.48%

CBC 0.80%

CBD 0.23%

THC-V 0.49%

Batch Size 916

Batch Writeup

Get ready to have your ego checked with Malek's Premium Cannabis liquid gummies simple syrup batch, created from a mix of the powerful strains Do-Si-Dos and Kush Mintz. This batch is like a masterclass in balance and potency, delivering a punch that will leave you feeling like a champion. With a THC percentage of 75.00%, this batch is not for the faint of heart. But don't worry, the 0.49% THC-V will keep you feeling in control, like a martial arts expert with impeccable self-discipline. The terpene profile of this batch is off the charts, with the top three terpenes measuring at 4.77%. These terpenes, like a symphony conductor, orchestrate the effects of the cannabinoids to create a harmonious and powerful experience.


SKU: DIG-LG-000364

Package Amounts: 100mg THC per container

Package is recyclable.

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