What is Ice Hash and How Is It Made?

Monday, Jan 25, 2021

Ice hash, also known as bubble hash is the precursor to Rosin and just one step in the process of making our solventless gummies. Ice hash, essentially is concentrate of dried trichome heads that have been removed from starting material by washing it in ice and water.

The process of making ice hash begins with sourcing material from the finest grows Colorado has to offer. This can be “fresh frozen” material that has been frozen immediately after harvest or it can be super fresh dry material. At Dialed In, we use both depending on what is available to us at the time.

Once the material is back at our lab, our skilled hash makers then focus on harvesting just the trichome heads while leaving behind the trichome stalks on the starting material. To do this, we simply soak plant material for 15-30 minutes in ice and water. After, the heads are then knocked off the material by gently turning or spinning it in the ice bath. The mix of water and trichome heads are then sieved through a series of different sized micron screens or “bubble bags”. The micron sizes kept typically range from 45u to 160u, with the 45u bag being the smallest-sized useable trichome heads and 160u bag catching the largest ones.

The resulting mixes of trichome heads (grouped by micron size), and then scooped onto trays and freeze-dried for roughly 24 hours. Afterwards, while still frozen, the heads should have a consistency similar to sand. Trichome heads are then stored in glass jars in the freezer until they ready to be pressed into rosin.

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