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Westword: Five Colorado Cannabis Companies To Watch

Rosin’s big push leaked into the edibles game in 2021, as a handful of new brands (and a few established ones) began offering gummies, chocolates and drinks made with the solventless extract. Yet they were all playing catch-up to Dialed In, and still probably haven’t gotten there yet (quite a feat for a company that’s just two years old) … Continue reading

Westword Best of Denver 2022: Best Weed Gummy

There are so many options for weed gummies at dispensaries that picking out a pack can be disorienting, and most customers end up buying whatever’s cheapest. If you’re looking for a brand that deserves your loyalty, though, Dialed In has been working really hard to earn it. Colorado’s first edibles maker to embrace rosin, Dialed In uses a sous-vide process to infuse gummies with rosin sourced from some of Colorado’s most popular growers and extractors … Continue reading


How does the body absorb edibles?

A first-timer’s experience with cannabis will mostly likely involve smoking: classic. As the industry grows and progresses, and as more folks learn about all the various methods of consumption of THC, more people are eating edibles. Edibles are easy to dose, they’re...

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What is CBN?

Cannabinol, or CBN, is a by-product of the natural degradation process of THC as the plant ages. Over time, or when exposed to heat and light, THC converts into CBN. This means that the level of CBN found in a cannabis flower or concentrate is not determined by...

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What is “full spectrum” rosin?

"Full-spectrum" is a term that we use to refer to cannabis extraction methods that result in terpene, flavonoid, and cannabinoid profiles closer to the source plant than other methods. Full-spectrum extract gives you all the good flavor and effects of the strain...

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Where does flower get its flavor?

When we talk about what makes up cannabis, we hear a lot about terpenes and cannabioids, but we hear far less about flavonoids. Flavonoids are a type of phytonutrient (with "phyto-" meaning "plant"); and phytonutrients, which are found in virtually all plants, fruits,...

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What is CBG?

As cannabis plants grow, they produce cannabigerolic acid (which is known as CBGA). It's the precursor to the three main cannabinoid lines: THCA, CBDA, and CBCA. Then, when energy is added to CBGA through heating, it undergoes a chemical reaction called...

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What is cannabichromene (CBC)?

In 2021, most people have heard of THC and CBD — two of the most abundant and medically relevant cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. But how much do you know about CBC? Cannabichromene — AKA CBC — is another of the "big six" cannabinoids found in cannabis, made from...

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Awards and Accolades…

2022 THC Championship

Overall Winner

Memberberry by Artsy

Best Rec Edibles

1st Place, People’s Choice & Connoisseur’s Choice

Red Gelatin by Bloom County

2nd Place

99 Pineapple Cakes by Vera

Best Med Edibles

1st Place, People’s Choice & Best Gummy

Memberberry by Artsy

2nd Place & Connoisseur’s Choice

Mandarin Cookies by iion Cannabis

Westword 2022 Best of Denver Reader’s Choice Winner

Best Rosin Edible

Westword 2022 Best of Denver Winner

Best Weed Gummy

2021 THC Championship Winner

1st Place & People’s Choice

Banana MAC by Good Chemistry

2nd Place & Connoisseur’s Choice

Sundae Driver by Soiku Bano

2020 Cannabis Business Awards Best Edible Winner

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