Over 1,000 Unique Batches and Going Strong…

Thursday, Mar 9, 2023

DENVER, CO — In 2020, during the height of the COVID pandemic, Dialed In… Gummies was the first to market solventless, live rosin gummies in our home state of Colorado. Two years and a second product launch later, we’re on track to achieve another milestone: 1,500 unique batches of Gummies and Liquid Gummies released, with materials from 100 different local collaborators, located in stores all across the state.

Dialed In… captivated the Colorado cannabis market with not only our compelling branding and tasty gummies, but also with our fundamental integration within the cannabis community at large. Whether it be working with local artists or sourcing material from many of the most respected producers in Colorado, we choose to develop community over competition. 

Our method of making gummies replaces traditional processes such as hydrocarbon extraction and distillation with solventless extraction; a process that uses only ice, water, heat, and pressure instead of solvents like butane, propane, or alcohol. Dialed In… has led a movement in Colorado for solventless hash edibles, with several well known brands making the switch to cleaner hash powered infusions. We champion terpenes in particular,  and since Dialed In… launched, terpenes have become more of a focus of many edible brands for use as indicators in communicating the effects of cannabis strains to their customers.

Each batch of Dialed In… Gummies and Liquid Gummies is made to highlight the full, varied component profile of the cannabis strains that go into it, complete with analytical reports on the specific chemical makeup of the cannabis in the product. It’s this level of commitment to high quality — from materials, to production methods, to branding, and beyond — that sets our  young but thriving company apart.