3 Reasons Why Small Batch Cannabis Gummies Are the Future

Wednesday, Apr 12, 2023

Have you ever wondered why Dialed In… Gummies creates small batch gummies with strain highlights rather than the standard sativa, indica, hybrids? Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’re kind of nerds when it comes to cannabis and we strive to share that with you. Check out these three quick reasons why our small batch gummies are game changers for the cannabis industry.

Strain Specific

Every year new strains enter the cannabis market, complete with their own dynamic flavors and effects. We’re absolutely in awe of the talented breeders and grow community that continue to push the plant’s complexities to new levels. They make cannabis what it is today, and we want to share that kind of uniqueness with you! Small batch gummies make it possible for us to unite the ever-evolving uniqueness of each cannabis strain in a whole new medium. 

Our Local Community

Speaking of variety, small batch gummies also give us the ability to support our local community in more meaningful ways. There are numerous local brands that are at the top of their game when it comes to growing and extracting for rosin, and we make it a point to work with as many of them as we can. This locks in our ability to provide the most epic assortment of unique profiles of cannabis in gummy form, and actively enriches the customer experience! 

Gummies In Detail

The final point we want to make is about just how much attention to detail we can lend to the edible experience by leaning into small batches. Not only are all of our gummies made with specific strains from a plethora of local growers and extractors, but they’re also made using only solventless rosin – the industry standard for excellence when it comes to extracts. Not enough? Each batch has a creatively distinct label design, and is complete with two flavors of gummies that also constantly rotate. 

Picking up what we’re putting down yet? Our gummies reflect the variety we find in cannabis – colorful, flavorful, mindful and just absolutely wonderful. So, next time you’re munching on your small batch gummies, send a little thank you out to the breeders, growers, extractors and gummy gang who put their hard work and love into it.