What is CBN?

Thursday, Oct 28, 2021

Cannabinol, or CBN, is a by-product of the natural degradation process of THC as the plant ages. Over time, or when exposed to heat and light, THC converts into CBN. This means that the level of CBN found in a cannabis flower or concentrate is not determined by genetic factors, but rather by environmental factors.

If you really wanted to consume high levels of CBN, the best way to obtain it would be to simply allow the plant’s THC to oxidize. And many people do, but CBN only binds with our CB1 receptor at around one-tenth of the strength, so you won’t achieve a high you’re used to.

There’s not much evidence supporting the claim that CBN acts as a sleep aid. Instead of CBN, the sedative properties of aged cannabis may actually come from terpenes with low molecular weight, which tend to remain on cannabis as it ages and as THC oxidizes.

Our cannabinoid profiles contain a full-spectrum of cannabinoids including flavonoids, terpenes, CBG and CBC, but you may notice that our reports lack significant concentrations of CBN, but the reason is simple: we only use fresh starting material that doesn’t have much opportunity to be exposed to oxygen or heat.