Why do we decarb our rosin before infusing it into our gummies?

Wednesday, Feb 17, 2021

After washing and pressing our starting material, but before bonding our rosin with organic coconut oil, we must decarb the rosin that we infuse into our gummies. Decarbing is the process of converting THC-A (which is not activated) to THC (which is activated). The decarbing process must be completed before infusing any food with cannabis. Without decarbing, an edible’s THC content will not work its magic when ingested orally. However once it’s been decarbed, THC will be able to produce its effects after being ingested.

To complete this process, we portion our rosin into tightly sealed and carefully prepared mason jars. We then partially submerge these jars in water that is kept at 180°F. This low temperature allows all of the rosin’s strain-specific cannabinoids and terpenes to be retained. We then leave our jars to soak for 12-18 hours. Don’t try this process at home though, because the jars can explode without the correct precautions being taken.  As the rosin warms up, its THC-A slowly becomes activated and changes to THC. In this form, it can be absorbed by our endocannabinoid systems when eaten and digested. Without decarbing our gummies wouldn’t be so effective!