Rec Batch 51

White Grapefruit Cookies


Guava | Lux Cherry | Tangie

Cultivator Green Rino

Lineage Lemon Betty x Tropicanna Cookies F1

Cannab. 84.60%Terps 3.45%

Primary Terpenes Caryophyllene, α-Bisabolol, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene

CBG 1.36% CBC 1.13%

Batch Size 631

Hashmaker's Notes

White Grapefruit Cookies is a tart, stimulating strain with hints of bittersweet citrus and berry-candy, reminiscent of a warhead candy whose aroma will linger in your nostrils. The White Grapefruit Cookies reports high levels of caryophyllene, alpha bisabolol, and Limonene, making it a sativa leaning hybrid that weighs in at 3.45% terpenes. The Limonene gives the White Grapefruit Cookies the invigorating rush of euphoria and cerebral focus, thanks to this citrus terpene. The combination of Caryophyllene and Alpha-Bisabolol contribute to this strain’s full-body euphoria, complemented by a calm, content mood.

Suggested Use

White Grapefruit Cookies is ideally consumed in the early afternoon because of its ability to promote a focused, cerebral, euphoria high. Many would appreciate this strain for its pain relieving properties, thanks to the significant concentration of Caryophyllene, a terpene that’s gaining recognition for its ability to stimulate CB2 receptors in the body. At the apex of your hike, or before exercising, try the White Grapefruit Cookies to truly dial in to your activity.

All batches of Dialed In Gummies are prepared using our special sous vide process.

Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Water, Gelatin, Natural & Artificial Flavor Including Citric Acid, Juice Concentrates, Pectin, Natural & Artificial Color, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil and Carnauba Wax, Cannabis Rosin Extracted from Ice Water Hash (THC)

18 Calories, 4g Carbs, 2.5g Sugars Per Gummy | 180 Calories. 40g Carbs, 25g Sugars Per Tin

100MG Total Active THC Per Package | 10x10MG Total Active THC Per Serving

Package is recyclable.

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