14er opened up shop in the spring of 2010, becoming one of the first legal dispensaries in the state of Colorado. Since then they’ve earned a reputation for being leaders of the state’s legal cannabis industry, pioneering what defines quality legal cannabis! Although a lot of regulations have changed and time has passed since then, the 14er team has maintained a clear focus on cleanliness and top shelf quality.

Eighths of their flower are now sold wholesale to dispensaries all over Colorado. They’re individually prepackaged and vacuum-sealed to retain each strain’s original terpene profile and moisture content. On top of this, every cultivar grown in the 14er garden is also catalogued in their strain database! This keen eye for detail has allowed 14er to help consumers find the ideal strains to meet their individual desires for both flavor and effects. Without the team at 14er, the Colorado cannabis market would likely look very different than it currently does!

All Batches with 14er…

Recreational Batch 1459


Açai Berry | Tangerine

Recreational Batch 1475

Transylvanian Honeymoon

Blood Orange | Honeydew

Recreational Batch 1479

Banana Creek Kush

Apples 'N Bananas | Blueberry

Recreational Batch 1288


Appletini (Retired) | Strawberry Limeade (Retired)

Recreational Batch 1284

Cakes & Pies

Blueberry | Lux Cherry

Recreational Batch 1287

Papaya Cake

Papaya | Sangria

Recreational Batch 1286

Honey Banana

Lemonade | Paloma (Retired)

Recreational Batch 1285


Appletini (Retired) | Limeade (Retired)