Allgreens has been a staple here in Colorado for a long time, and they were actually the very first dispensary to have a license here in Denver. Their team of exclusive cannabis insiders have never been concerned with gimmicks or in-your-face marketing. Instead they like to let their products speak for themselves. Allgreens’ main goal has always been quality and consistency, and oh boy do they deliver! 

They’re vertically integrated to the max. Their staff grows their own flower, makes their own extracts in-house, and every staff member lends a hand everywhere. We’re pretty sure their resident designer harvests as well. This has led to a tight-knit, knowledgeable bunch that is 100% committed to the company’s goals. 

Allgreens doesn’t cut corners at all, and because of this, they’ve been able to keep their family-sized operation at the forefront of the challenging cannabis industry. All of us at Dialed In share a similar commitment to maintaining quality and promoting education. This is why we’re very excited to be in their store and collaborate with them!

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