Altitude Organics

Altitude Organic Medicine’s story began with a dream, three men, and a craigslist ad. After opening up the very first storefront on West Colorado Ave, Luther Bonow found himself short on products that would respectfully cater to the most important part of his dispensary’s name; “Organic Medicine.” So with limited options, he posted an ad on Craigslist for quality growers. Aaron Bluse and William Martin, two Colorado natives, answered his advertisement. Together these three men established the perfect balance of retail sales, marketing, and ability to grow the high quality cannabis that was hard to find among commercial grows.

Their operation continued to grow over the course of about three years, until May of 2012 when the U.S. Attorney’s Office deemed Altitude Organic Medicine too close to Buena Vista Elementary School, giving the owners 45 days to pack up and move. They found a new home in Dillon Colorado, and they’ve quickly become Summit County’s favorite recreational dispensary. Now Altitude Organics (as it’s locally known) offers Mountain locals and tourists alike just what their heart desires; clean cannabis.

All Batches with Altitude Organics…

Medical Batch 28

Gas Nana

Medical Batch 184

Wedding Cake

Champagne Mango | Sour Raz

Medical Batch 19

Açai Wine

Medical Batch 181

Grease Monkey

Cherry Limeade | Watermelon Breeze

Medical Batch 182

Monkey Man

Limeade | Pineapple

Medical Batch 18


Recreational Batch 878

Mutant Ducks

Blood Orange | Limoncello

Recreational Batch 871

Animals Sniffing Glue

Bottle Rocket Berry | Malbec Grape

Recreational Batch 865

Divine Alien

Grape Punch | Passion Fruit