Antero Sciences

Antero Sciences specializes in carefully grown craft cannabis, made with zero short cuts. Stemming from their love for top shelf cannabis, the team at Antero Sciences joined together to create a specially curated collection of genetics, and to create lasting relationships with wholesale buyers across the entire state of Colorado. Making a reliable and long-lasting relationship for your dispensary or MIP just got a lot easier with this trusted group of educated individuals! Their flowers are always grown in small batches with a special blend of nutrients and water from the Arkansas Valley.

All Batches with Antero Sciences…

Recreational Batch 314

Kurple Fantasy

Sangria | White Grape

Recreational Batch 313

Rainbow Reserve

Mangorita | Strawberry Lemonade

Recreational Batch 312


Lux Cherry | Tropical Fruit

Recreational Batch 276

Chem 4

Lux Cherry | Malbec Grape

Recreational Batch 275


Grape Punch | Tropical Punch

Recreational Batch 274

Strawberries and Cream

Malbec Grape | Strawberry

Recreational Batch 273

Gator Breath

Guava | Tangerine

Recreational Batch 272


Lemonade | Sour Apple

Recreational Batch 195

Super Lemon M.A.C.

Blue Raz | Lemonade