Boulder Built

The kind people of Boulder Built believe in three things when producing the best cannabis –
quality, consistency, and cleanliness. Dedicated to a life of cannabis cultivation, this second-
generation, family-owned business was founded right in the heart of the Colorado mountains.
Sharing their take on the best cultivated, craft cannabis is one of the main goals.

A way in which they exceed this goal is by sourcing superior cannabis genetics from the best
growers in the world. With so much focus on terpene-rich and high-potency strains, their lineup
is maintained well and always fresh. Everything in their grow, from air to water to nutes and
lighting, is very controlled and have been “meticulously curated” to create the highest-quality

Not only is their water triple-distilled, they feed their babies with pharmaceutical-grade nutes
that are not available to the general public. That secret alone is one of the core reasons behind
their success. Another secret is the amount of care and love they put into hand-trimming each
bud, then carefully packaging each batch for an outstanding finish. Love is the key and that’s

And that’s for real.

Collab Batches

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