Bubba’s Kush

The goal at Bubba’s Kush is to provide Colorado with a clean, quality product with unmatched
consistency. Their facility has been meticulously designed with the owner’s knowledge of cannabis and
commercial cultivation taken into consideration. It is a food-grade, state-of-the-art, indoor facility that
gives them complete control of the environment and the ability to craft some of the highest quality flower
on the market. As the owner puts it, the flower must fire on all cylinders to meet their standards. The 6
key qualities that all their flower must meet are bag appeal, consistency, taste, smell, potency, and
“growability.” Their background is deeply rooted in all styles of cultivation.

They are truly grower owned and operated,
and take pride in the craft. It is the decades of knowledge that the owner and employees bring
to work every day that shapes our product. They started this journey on September 23rd, 2021, and are
proud to finally be bringing products to market this year. Over the next year, they look forward to
bringing a wide variety of rare and unique genetics to the Colorado market. Currently, some of the most
popular genetics are Soap, Georgia Pie, Runtz, Super Boof, and Sherb Cake. As Bubba’s continue to grow, they
will always hold themselves to the highest standards for clean, quality flower and strive for perfection in
their craft.

All Batches with Bubba’s Kush…

Recreational Batch 1154

Georgia Pie

Lemon Mist | White Grape

Recreational Batch 1157

The Soap

Cherry Limeade | Mangorita

Recreational Batch 963


Lux Cherry | Sour Raz

Recreational Batch 804

Super Boof

Papaya | Sour Apple