Cherry Cannabis

The team of expert cultivators at Cherry view their growing practices as more than just harvesting plants. They like to use their finely-tuned garden to develop new strains and produce cannabis that helps people to lead active, extraordinary lives! Cherry also believes in better living through plant technology, harnessing a wide variety of cultivars to help both the human mind and body. They believe plants are the perfect tool for providing relief, enhancing your performance, and improving overall life experience.

All Batches with Cherry Cannabis…

Recreational Batch 819

Wedding Cake

Hula Berry | Limeade

Recreational Batch 823

Don Shula

Tangerine | Watermelon Breeze

Recreational Batch 810

Outback Fritter

Cherry Limeade | Paloma

Recreational Batch 815

The Soap

Mangorita | Strawberry Lemonade

Medical Batch 128

MAC Mints

Limeade | Sangria

Recreational Batch 760

Jungle Pie

Champagne Mango | Watermelon Breeze

Recreational Batch 763


Limoncello | Sour Apple

Recreational Batch 757

Super Thug

Lux Cherry | Sour Raz

Medical Batch 59

Dank Oredough

Blue Raz | Sour Apple