Cuban Crew

At Krystaleaves dispensary in Commerce City, the Cuban Crew uses small batch techniques paired with a keen attention to detail to grow some of the finest cannabis flowers that can be found in all of Colorado. Their garden is Krystaleaves’ in-house grow, meaning that they cultivate their own buds to sell through their own shop! Many of these harvests also get used to make Habana Extracts concentrates. Thanks to the Cuban Crew’s vertical integration with Krystaleaves, you can find all of their products available at their own storefront as well as at a variety of dispensaries across the state. 

One thing that truly makes these guys stand out is their obvious dedication to producing the highest quality of products that they can make. Whether you’re shopping for flower or desire something more potent, the Cuban Crew’s top shelf buds make every product that their name is on a guaranteed winner.

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