Doctor’s Orders

Proudly operating under one of Colorado’s first recreational dispensary licenses since 2014, Doctor’s Orders continues to cater to the cannabis communities of downtown and North Denver. Their staff is dedicated to helping consumers experience the many benefits of cannabis. Working with a team of experienced cannabis growers and top name vendors to deliver high-quality flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, and cartridges, they’re truly focused on providing a high end experience. You can even find a variety of merchandise and accessories that includes papers, hemp wraps, t-shirts, rolling trays, grinders and more at their shop (which is open from 8am to 9:45pm).

Doctor’s Orders also invite medical marijuana patients with questions to call or stop in and explore the huge selection of premium meds on their medical side. Out of state visitors are welcome on the rec side too, and their store is conveniently located on the way to downtown from the airport.

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