Dutch Botanicals

Dutch Botanicals is a Colorado cultivator that believes in managing their soil with scientific methods, which allow them to grow truly top shelf cannabis. They’re guided by their passion for making the highest quality products that they possibly can! The team at Dutch Botanicals takes pride in engaging with their local growers, providing help in ways that range from discussing soil fertility to investing in sustainable gardening practices. 

These practices have helped them build successful partnerships throughout and in between cultivation seasons. Their agricultural practices are backed up by esteemed and leading consultants and bioscientists, as well as widely recognized laboratories. These strong coalitions set them apart and help to raise the bar for expectations in the CO cannabis industry.

All Batches with Dutch Botanicals…

Recreational Batch 295

Purple Sunset

Tangerine | White Grape

Recreational Batch 281


Cherry Limeade | Sour Apple