Elias Egozi is usually battling in the octagon, where MMA fighters like himself compete, but now, Elias is going toe to toe with a new opponent in an entirely different weight class, the Colorado Cannabis Industry. One of the new battles he is facing is his new South Denver Medical Dispensary, Alto, and the other is his new top-of-the-line solventless extraction company, Egozi. When Elias isn’t training for his next fight, he is perfecting those two projects in preparation to be the next THC champion here in Colorado… and we must say, the future looks promising for him and his team. Egozi puts out some tasty rosin, like Super Boof, Grease Monkey, and Trop Cookies, their lab is essentially filled with fruits and fuels all day, the best type of aromas. Quality is a big priority for Egozi, that being quality starting material grown in-house at their facility, and quality processing equipment. Social Media is important nowadays, make sure to check out their Instagram to stay updated on their products and company information.

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