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Dialed In…Gummies is a company that believes in nothing but A-game.  When we partner with a new cultivator, it is because we are confident they’ll amplify our gummies to the moon.  We are proud to introduce the newest superstar to join the DIG family!

Fresh Baked is one of the OG cultivators to emerge from the medical marijuana boom in 2010.  Since 2014, they’ve been a proud part of the recreational industry and can be found just on the east end of Pearl Street in Boulder.  It’s one of the premiere spots for college students to find the stickiest, most cared for cannabis in the area.

What makes their cannabis the most cared for?  The people.

Starting with an experienced master grower, their process of producing high-grade cannabis focuses on the detail.  Many grow facilities draw the same water for each plant with matching pH and nutrient levels.  At Fresh Baked, each plant has its own source of water that can be adjusted for the specific strain.  They understand the importance of minute details when it comes to cannabis.  The outcome is pure bliss.

It’s not just the growers.

An amazing staff runs their dispensary, which is open 10am to 9:50pm daily.  They are knowledgeable when it comes to deep questions and can help satisfy even the pickiest of connoisseurs.  Their friendly nature and laid-back dispo atmosphere is why they have over 875 positive reviews online.  Fresh Baked has been featured in High Times, the Westword, The New York Times, and The Cannabist.

If you’re looking for the best cannabis Colorado has to offer, start with a place that cares the most.

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