George Hashington

The one and only George Washington once said, “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one”. You better believe they have no excuses, just fire hash rosin. The George Hashington team is filled with true hash heads, they’ve been holding it down for a while now behind the scenes prepping for their first Colorado drop. Immersed in their solventless roots, they were conceptualized in 2012 and officially inaugurated in the Colorado recreational market in 2022. They take pride in their legacy, transparency, and integrity as they raise the bar of our industry standards by offering you a unique blend of concentrates, culture, and cultivation experience. Dialed In Gummies approves and supports their hustle and wishes them nothing but the best in their first year in the recreational Colorado hash lane. Please, enjoy George Hashington’s meticulously curated products that we infused into our gummies and Liquid Gummies.

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