Healing Tree

Over the course of the past year The Healing Tree has come under new management, which has allowed them to completely outdo their own incredibly high standards inside of their own grow and retail location. Located in Commerce City, the team at The Healing Tree have some of the best deals in the whole state of Colorado. Be sure to follow their instagram and check out their pop ups. These guys have pop up parties with catered food and a wide variety of insanely good deals!

All Batches with Healing Tree…

Recreational Batch 270

Margarita Dog Walker

Mangorita | Tropical Punch

Recreational Batch 269

Forest Whitaker + Peach OG

Strawberry | Watermelon

Recreational Batch 268

Slurricane + Peach OG

Malbec Grape | Tropical Punch

Recreational Batch 139


Blue Raz | Lemonade

Recreational Batch 135

Death Star

Açai Berry | Watermelon