High Country Healing

The informed and exceptionally kind staff at High Country Healing have curated a wide variety of exotic strains, and lovingly grow them for their customers’ medical and recreational needs. HCH’s philosophy is small-batch, large-variety, handcrafted cannabis. The result is clean, potent, and aromatic buds that are known to be the definition of a top shelf cannabis product. As seen in the February 2015 High Times, High Country Healing is truly America’s Highest Garden. Their high altitude mountain grow environment is located above 10,500 feet! It’s the key ingredient that enables their staff to grow cannabis that is truly special.

All Batches with High Country Healing…

Recreational Batch 1259

Greetings From The Jungle

Guava | Tropical Punch

Recreational Batch 1258


Sour Apple | White Grape

Recreational Batch 1261

Sichuan Buttons

Fruit Punch | Lemon Mist

Recreational Batch 1248

It'z Not Eazy Being Cheezy

Appletini | Fruit Punch

Recreational Batch 1253

Mimosa Monster

Pomegranate | Tangerine

Recreational Batch 1262

Tofu Delivery

Grape Punch | Passion Fruit

Recreational Batch 1252

Mud Season

Grape Punch | Passion Fruit

Recreational Batch 1238

Svenny B

Mangorita | Sour Apple

Recreational Batch 1246


Blue Ice | Champagne Mango