Higher Grade

With three locations in Colorado, the team at Higher Grade offers a boutique cannabis shopping experience unlike any other. Their shelves are known to contain a wide variety of products that range from small batch flowers to premium concentrates, and their knowledgeable staff is always there to help everyone find what they’re looking for. This hands-on approach is evident when visiting their website too! Higher Grade offers a wealth of information online, so that everyone from new consumers to the pickiest connoisseurs can find the products that they desire. Whether you’re trying to learn more about one of their in-house strains or you want to participate in one of Higher Grade’s pheno hunts, their online presence helps to make shopping with them a pleasant and satisfying experience every time.

All Batches with Higher Grade…

Recreational Batch 956

Peach Crescendo

Cherry Limeade | Paloma

Recreational Batch 951

Grape OZ

Malbec Grape | Pineapple

Recreational Batch 946

Garlic Cookies

Limoncello | Sour Apple

Recreational Batch 846

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Lemonade | Tangerine

Recreational Batch 838

Strawba Fett

Blue Ice | Hula Berry

Recreational Batch 794

Peach Crescendo

Cherry Limeade | Pineapple

Recreational Batch 789

Bubba Fett

Blue Ice | Pineapple

Medical Batch 121

Strawberries & Cream

Blue Ice | Strawberry Lemonade

Medical Batch 120

Peach Pie

Lux Cherry | Sangria