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In the Danish language, Høst means harvest. Høst was founded with a mission to cultivate clean cannabis. They come from the industry and understand what is expected from the end consumer. Their boutique facility was built with the goal of ensuring the final product will have strong genetic characteristics, robust flavors, and a clean burn. First and foremost, the top-quality product starts, with top-quality cultivation methods. At Høst, they’ve constructed a state-of-the-art cultivation facility. Piloted by a veteran team, their facility touts expert design for maximum efficiency, cutting-edge horticulture technology, and a state-of-the-art analytical lab. All of this comes together to produce a clean, high-quality product. They say you are what you eat….and cannabis plants are no different. A healthy plant produces a healthy product. At Høst, their team utilizes pharmaceutical-grade nutrients and 100% non-toxic pest and fungus controls. This means they raise only healthy plants and ensures that there is zero byproduct produced from our methods, keeping the product testing completely clean every harvest. One of the biggest concerns Høst hears from dispensary owners is the lack of a properly cured product. All too often, wholesalers ship a product that is bone dry. This, coupled with Colorado’s already arid climate, creates an experience at the shelf that is simply unacceptable. At Høst, they’ve devoted a portion of their facility to a sealed and fully temperature/humidity controlled cure room, this ensures the optimal environment to produce the perfect cure, for every single harvest.

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