iion Cannabis

iion Cannabis is more than just another cannabis company, they’re a grower-built and grower-owned garden based out of Boulder, Colorado! Their unique hands-on approach allows them to consistently maintain a keen attention to detail, both in the garden and as they make business decisions. Outside of having a passionate and focused approach, the iion team also works with some of the best genetics in Colorado. Their flower can be found on shelves all over this great state.

All Batches with iion Cannabis…

Recreational Batch 1416

Falafel Waffel

Pomegranate | Tangerine

Recreational Batch 1412

Island Crasher

Tropical Punch | Watermelon

Recreational Batch 1361

Razzleberry Pie

Fruit Punch | Sour Raz

Recreational Batch 1360

Violet's Turning Violet

Blueberry | White Grape

Recreational Batch 1330

Chai Peanut Butter

Fruit Punch | Tropical Punch

Recreational Batch 1255

Space Pig

Pineapple Cooler | Strawberry Lemonade

Recreational Batch 1254

"The Claaww!!!"

Blue Ice | Limeade

Recreational Batch 1200

Dante's Honeymoon

Sour Raz | Starfruit

Recreational Batch 1197

Truffled Oreoz

Dragon Fruit | Fruit Punch