In the Flow

In The Flow began with two longtime friends, their wives, and a determination to create a profession more geared to the lives they were called to live. The challenging times they found themselves in moved their team to begin something that spoke to their souls, not just bank accounts. What does it mean to be In The Flow? When you’re In The Flow you feel a relaxed focus, a state of bliss, and a sense of meaningful connection. It’s almost as if time slows down and you’re able to completely focus on the task at hand. Whether they’re watering, pruning, trimming, or gathering as a team to celebrate the fruits of another harvest, the attention to detail placed on each activity shows through with a consistent, loving touch. Their team gathers inspiration from not only the amazing state of Colorado but the ocean as well. While searching for inspiration and connecting with the ocean, they found that the Octopus embodies the flow state that they operate in. Octopuses can change their color, pattern, and even texture to match their surroundings in a fraction of a second. What better example is there of being and becoming one with the present moment? Because they feel so attached to these creatures, In The Flow often donates to The Marine Conservation Institute and other causes that are similar. On top of that, they take steps to improve their energy efficiency and sustainability measures. Because of this, they are one of the first cultivators to become Boulder County Carbon Conscious Certified. They have successfully offset upwards of 70% of their electricity usage through their solar array partnerships in Deer Trail and Longmont as well. It’s an honor to work with a group that is producing fire material, all while being so conscious of their footprint and keeping the planet healthy.

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