The experts at Indico, lead by Joshua Foley and DJ Thriller, are known as some of the best craft cannabis growers in Colorado for a reason. Their indoor garden is both watered and trimmed by hand! This old school approach to cultivation allows them to give every plant the close attention it needs, and has resulted in them producing top shelf cannabis that features potent aromas and flavors. 

Their grow also utilizes LED lighting to keep their light output high and their energy draw low. After they harvest, an extended curing process is done in sealed glass jars to allow enough time for the flower’s moisture, terpenes, and cannabinoids to reach their full potential. These unique qualities have helped them win top positions in the past three High Times Cannabis Cups for their Mandarin Sunset flower! Outside of cannabis, the team at Indico have a passion for music and DJ culture. To see more of their musical content, check out their Instagram page or search for #audioterps!

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