Kaya was founded by best friends from Boulder, Colorado. They shared a passion for their community, a taste for high quality cannabis, and a dream to run a dispensary that had high quality products that were affordable for their friends and family. Back then it was called “Southwest Alternative Care”.  As time went on, they desired a name that better represented who they were, so they settled on “Kaya”. First and foremost, it means ‘beautiful’; but it’s also Jamaican slang for cannabis.

Kaya’s leadership team includes a scientist and a World Series Poker champ (well, second place). Colorado is their home and they love doing business here. Kaya plans to always remain a locally owned and operated shop, because their staff enjoys being involved with their community.

As a craft growing cannabis company, Kaya grows all of their flower in small batches. It’s also personally hand-trimmed and undergoes an extended cure (which is like barrel-aging beer but doesn’t sound nearly as trendy). Their genetics are created in-house and strive to create unique strains for every batch. Make sure to stop by their shop often, because your favorite one-of-a-kind strain might sell out quickly!

All Batches with Kaya…

Recreational Batch 1071

Catalina Wine Mixer

Sangria | Watermelon Breeze

Recreational Batch 708

Apple Cake

Paloma | Sour Raz