The artisans of Kuma Cannabis are “driven by quality over everything else.” Their mission? To “produce the cleanest, most potent, flavorful cannabis possible.” That bold statement isn’t just talk. Their high-quality process and commitment prove worthy in every single batch. The consistency, love, and passion they put forth is the reason people keep coming back for more. Kuma Cannabis aims to set industry standards for Colorado and perhaps one day, the world. Their process includes all steps from seed to sale and really demonstrates how much they care. Since 2018, all of their cannabis is grown, harvested, trimmed, and packaged in their home of Boulder, CO. There’s arguably no better place in the world to be growing fine cannabis.

The work is done in a pristine, state-of-the-art facility where they constantly test new strains to offer the best. Their small batch flower is grown hydroponically using nothing less than the highest quality, soilless-mediums on the shelf. The amount of care along each and every step of the way delivers an amazing final product worthy of Mr. Snoop Dogg himself. Be sure to check out their batches here at Dialed In Gummies. The strains we receive from them are straight fire and that’s all.

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