Kush Masters

As the marketplace became saturated with companies cutting corners and corporatizing, Josh created Kush Masters to be a family-run operation that’s focused on elevating the cannabis experience without elevating its price. With an emphasis on great customer service they continue to add to their rapidly growing following of clients and customers, and have made their products widely available in all corners of Colorado. Another reason Kush Masters stands out is because they provide fast turnaround times for all orders and processing contracts while still maintaining strict quality standards that are second to none.

Kush Masters is working on their local environmental impact, community focus, and working towards sustainable practices to push the industry forward. They recognize that the cannabis industry can be one of the hardest to get involved in, and many brands have high turnover rates. Kush Masters knows the key to success is investing in their employees by providing livable wages, access to health benefits, and a supportive work culture. Due to these qualities, they have one of the smallest turnover rates in the industry, and create advancement opportunities that turn entry-level beginners into full-blown Kush experts.

Collab Batches

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Since April 2020
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Dispensaries in 104 Colorado Cities
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