The team at Lazercat is a fun and innovative crew that mixes art, science, nature and crystals to bring you the best hash they can. Awed by this magical plant, they believe solventless hash promotes healing, creativity, interconnectedness and well-being.

Lazercat is single-source; everything they make is 100% grown, processed, and packaged by them – because tending to each plant through its lifecycle, carefully making their solventless extracts, and wrapping each gram in their art is the only way they know they can consistently bring you the best hash possible. Their genetic library, including cultivars they breed in-house, is continually curated to put out a spread of flavors that will surprise and satisfy your diverse palettes. They wash every gram with crystal-infused mountain water and all grades of their rosin, lava and cartridges are first-press only. Lazercat products are clean and pure; they never use hydrocarbons, butane, added terps, or cutting agents.

Above all, the team at Lazercat cares most about their Lazercat family, the planet, giving back, and bringing you the rarest hash. They believe it’s always time to upgrade your hash status.

All Batches with Lazercat…

Recreational Batch 1590

Becky Got Back

Guava | Tangerine

Recreational Batch 1573

Funky Jerry

Fruit Punch | Honeydew

Recreational Batch 270

Private Reserve OG

Recreational Batch 1536

Black Tourmaline

Passion Fruit | Watermelon

Recreational Batch 248


Medical Batch 29

Tropical Slushie

Medical Batch 30

L Pebbles

Medical Batch 31

Greasy R*ntz

Medical Batch 32

Banana OG