The cannabis professionals at Leiffa have established themselves as a highly consistent and reputable cultivator in the Colorado cannabis industry. Although their flower and solventless products can be found in many of Colorado’s recreational dispensaries, Leiffa’s flagship store is medical only. This perfectly exemplifies their unwavering commitment to putting out clean and high quality natural medicine for those who need it most! Due to this, as well as their large output of medical flower, Leiffa is one of our primary collaborators for medical batches.

When it comes to their garden the team at Leiffa are focused on growing clean, top shelf cannabis. They keep a wide variety of strains in rotation so that they’ve always got something for everyone. Cultivars are chosen very carefully and feature various terpene profiles and effects to meet every individual’s unique needs. With their compassionate pricing and many product options the Leiffa team wants everyone to discover how cannabis can fit into a healthy lifestyle!

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