Loudbird began operating in the later half of 2020, with some of their first drops occurring at Cookies CO in Denver. Their colorfully packaged eighths quickly gained a reputation for being a top-shelf product! Since then, they’ve begun to have a dedicated following that has earned them a place among the big dogs in the Colorado cannabis scene. All of their drops feature a wide variety of new and exotic strains, which has continued to increase the hype around Loudbird’s brand. If you’re looking for  terpene-packed and exceptionally potent flower, keep an eye out for Loudbird’s small batch releases.

All Batches with Loudbird…

Recreational Batch 1069

Pink Gusherz

Paloma | Strawberry Lemonade

Recreational Batch 1064

Cake Mix

Blue Ice | Strawberry Lemonade

Recreational Batch 1020

Strike First

Guava | Strawberry Lemonade

Recreational Batch 911

Jelly Pie

Malbec Grape | Strawberry Lemonade

Medical Batch 149

Rich Mahogany

Lux Cherry | Sour Raz

Recreational Batch 754

Pink Grapes

Hula Berry | Malbec Grape

Recreational Batch 751

Grape Oreoz

Cherry Limeade | Grape Punch

Recreational Batch 664

Grape Gas

Grape Punch | Limeade

Recreational Batch 532

Grape Gas

Watermelon Breeze | White Grape