Mountain Select

The hash makers at Mountain Select like to keep it simple by maintaining a strict focus on quality over quantity. Using only ice and water they are able to make a clean, flavorful, and potent extract that maintains all of their starting material’s original quality throughout their process. 

Mountain Select’s team also subscribes to the philosophy of “fire in, fire out.” This means that they understand it all begins in the garden, where they can find the perfect cultivars to put through their refined hands-on process. They partner with a variety of cultivators not only for their high-end cannabis strains, but also for their sanitary and effective growing methods. Recently they’ve even began to cultivate and harvest their own plants! Coming from Breckenridge, Mountain Select truly understands the Colorado lifestyle and the unique cannabis culture that many of the growers and consumers that are located here share.

All Batches with Mountain Select…

Medical Batch 185

Double Strawberry Daiquiri

Blood Orange | Strawberry Limeade (Retired)

Medical Batch 179


Blood Orange | Limoncello (Retired)

Medical Batch 183

Summit Citrus

Blue Ice | Tangerine