PotSmiths is a new Colorado Springs-based medical cultivator and MIP manufacturer pushing a new GOLD standard of cannabis flower and cannabis-infused products into the Colorado medical market. PotSmiths are 100% driven by a passion for this fantastic industry and plant, putting in the hard work and dedicating their time to evolve and refine the craft. Their team’s culmination of life-long experience shines through in every product, consistently producing cannabis products. High cannabinoids, unique terpene flavors, aromas, rich colors, perfect cure, coated with “frost,” and euphoric experiences are the GOLD standard they consistently deliver with every PotSmiths product. Both of our brands share the same views in looking for ways to elevate and bring a higher and healthier standard to our community. We both truly believe that in this industry, you don’t have to be competitive with one another but friends who collaborate to bring the community something amazing and one of a kind. That being one-of-a-kind PotSmiths x Dialed In Rosin Gummies!

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