RMD Labs

Rocky Mountain Distribution is new to the solvent-less extract space but not new to the game. The team behind the scenes are Colorado OGs and have been doing it as early as 2009. This group of industry pioneers are laser focused on creating high-quality rosin extracts from the best grows in the state. Finding your brand’s identity and voice is one of the hurdles you deal with while starting up a company, and right now they’re “pressing up” some Terp magic, so make sure to keep an eye out for a larger social presence as this company scales. It’s an honor to get this collab in the books with RMD, happy hashing everyone.

All Batches with RMD Labs…

Recreational Batch 142

Love Potion

Medical Batch 186

Sherb Slurry

Lux Cherry | Pineapple Cooler

Medical Batch 14