Roots RX

Roots RX is a chain of recreational dispensaries that strongly believes in the healing properties of cannabis. This is perfectly exemplified in the blog section of their website, which contains a number of articles that help to spread knowledge about cannabis and its benefits. They also operate six locations in the state of Colorado and offer a vast selection of products at every one of them. Flower from many of our collaborators (including Artsy and Bloom County) and a wide variety of solventless extracts are just a couple of the things that Roots RX keeps in stock. Stop by one of their locations to see more for yourself!

All Batches with Roots RX…

Recreational Batch 1137

Mandarin Cookies

Lemon Mist | Tropical Punch

Recreational Batch 1119

Fuzzy Navel

Honeydew | Tangerine

Recreational Batch 705


Bottle Rocket Berry | Champagne Mango

Recreational Batch 511


Sour Raz | Watermelon