The awesome team at Rosslyn is a fairly new addition to the Colorado solventless market, and they’ve quickly earned a reputation for making high-quality extracts that are available at a reasonable price point! Their slogan is “Risen From Water”, which is a reference to their extraction methods. Rosslyn’s solventless cartridges and grams of hash rosin are all made using nothing but ice, water, heat, and pressure; just like our gummies!

When it comes to marketing, the Rosslyn team is a fun group with a unique perspective. We recommend following them on Instagram to see their photography and to stay up-to-date on all of their releases. As time goes on you can also expect to see more joint offerings from Rosslyn and Dialed In Gummies! Check out their Instagram feed to view some fantastic pictures of our previous collabs and their gorgeous blue jars of rosin.

All Batches with Rosslyn…

Medical Batch 94

Cherry Butter

Lux Cherry | Malbec Grape

Medical Batch 93

Animal Zookies

Blood Orange | Watermelon

Medical Batch 92

Strawberry Runtz

Blue Ice | Strawberry Lemonade

Medical Batch 81

P.B. Strawberry Tort

Guava | Limoncello

Medical Batch 74

Royal Wrecker

Lux Cherry | Mangorita

Medical Batch 72

Fat Gelato

Guava | Hula Berry

Medical Batch 70

Orange Grape Juice

Blood Orange | Malbec Grape

Medical Batch 67

Mile High Banana

Lux Cherry | Mangorita

Medical Batch 66

Pineapple GAS Crush

Blue Ice | Malbec Grape