Shift by Dalwhinnie Farms

Dalwhinnie Farms is a craft cannabis producer in Aspen, CO. They view the cannabis industry as very similar to the wine industry, especially in regards to how variable the quality of products can be. While many dispensaries can feel daunting or intimidating due to their store setup and lack of product explanation, Dalwhinnie Farms are committed to the highest quality of customer service and products. Don’t fret if you don’t know cannabis terminology like “terpenes” or “hybrid strains”, their trained staff has been taught how to walk you through their extensive inventory to find the right product for your needs. They’ve elevated the cannabis retail experience for everyone, regardless of how frequently they consume! Dalwhinnie Farms have also teamed up with Shift Cannabis to allow their top-shelf products to have a wider reach.

All Batches with Shift by Dalwhinnie Farms…

Recreational Batch 863

Peach Dough

Limeade | Paloma

Recreational Batch 862

MAC and Cheese

Blue Ice | Grape Punch

Recreational Batch 861

Chem de la Chem

Sour Raz | Starfruit

Recreational Batch 332

Rubber Bands

Starfruit | Watermelon

Recreational Batch 331


Limeade | Strawberry Lemonade

Recreational Batch 330

Sunshine Haze

Tangerine | Watermelon