Snaxland truly embodies the characteristics of a top shelf brand! Their cultivation team quickly earned a fantastic reputation here in Colorado, offering exotic cannabis strains in the form of meticulously grown and expertly cured flower. Due to their massive success in Colorado, Snaxland has been able to expand to Oklahoma while maintaining a consistent and widely respected presence in their home state.

The Snaxland team’s motto is “From the streets, for the streets”. This memorable saying refers to their humble origins in the black market cannabis scene! It truly comes as no surprise that they’ve been so successful in the legal market, thanks to their serious dedication and attention to detail while cultivating cannabis over the years.

All Batches with Snaxland…

Recreational Batch 806

Cherry Jerry

Blue Ice | Lux Cherry

Recreational Batch 802


Champagne Mango | Pomegranate

Recreational Batch 646

Area 41

Blood Orange | Watermelon

Recreational Batch 645


Bottle Rocket Berry | Starfruit

Recreational Batch 644


Lux Cherry | White Grape

Recreational Batch 643


Bottle Rocket Berry | Limeade

Recreational Batch 535


Cherry Limeade | Hula Berry

Recreational Batch 517

Apples & Bananas

Sour Apple | Starfruit

Recreational Batch 516

Georgia Pie

Pomegranate | Watermelon