Soiku Bano

Founded by two Cuban-American brothers and their bubble bags, Soiku Bano first hit the Colorado scene in 2020. Their memorable name is a humorous twist of the phrase “Soy Cubano”, meaning “I am Cuban”. The Soiku team have already made waves across the industry with their delicious, terptastic cold-cured rosin pearls and their strong focus on quality! They source only the best fresh frozen material to wash, and it’s a key factor in producing their consistently top shelf hash. In fact, they’ve sourced their flower from multiple cultivators that we’ve worked with as well.

A key aspect that sets Soiku Bano apart from other solventless extractors is the integral role that their hashmakers play in choosing who to collaborate with and what strains to wash! Every member of the Soiku family plays an essential role in the final product. They also are always looking for ways to improve, meaning each batch of their rosin is better than the last. As a small family run business, Jose and Xander will always keep it real and maintain a focus on producing some of the best hash that can be found in the Colorado solventless market.

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