Sovereign Labs

The team of extractors at Sovereign Labs use the most refined methods in the cannabis scene to produce a clean and incredibly terpy final product, allowing consumers to experience the best of their favorite cannabis strains in the form of hash rosin. Without the use of harmful chemicals, they hope to offer every customer some peace of mind in knowing that the rosin they’re purchasing is the highest quality option on the market. At Sovereign Labs, they believe that no user should ever have to deal with chemical residue or any unwanted flavors; which is why they only offer top shelf rosin in a wide variety of unique forms.

All Batches with Sovereign Labs…

Recreational Batch 442

Blueberry Muffin

Blue Raz | Grape Punch

Recreational Batch 351

Trop Cookies

Blood Orange | Malbec Grape

Recreational Batch 325

Free MAC

Lemonade | Watermelon