Spark is a renowned dispensary that is located at 3900 E 48th Avenue in Denver, Colorado. They offer a huge selection of our gummies, in both recreational and medical doses. Outside of our products, Spark also carries a wide variety of top shelf solventless cannabis products that includes water hash, rosin, rosin badders, rosin jams, and solventless cartridges; many of which are made by our collaborators! If you find yourself near their store, their kind and informed staff can without a doubt help you find the right product for your needs.

All Batches with Spark…

Medical Batch 138

Great Odin's Raven

Blood Orange | Watermelon

Medical Batch 82

Hunkey Monkey Kush

Paloma | Sour Apple

Medical Batch 76

Kingpin Kush

Guava | Passion Fruit

Medical Batch 68

Black Cake OG

Bottle Rocket Berry | Lux Cherry

Medical Batch 56

Chem I-95

Champagne Mango | Tangerine

Medical Batch 57

Mandarin Blueberry Dream

Blue Ice | Tangerine

Medical Batch 55

Purple Gelato Biscuits

Açai Berry | White Grape

Medical Batch 54

GG + NYC Diesel

Cherry Limeade | Sour Raz

Medical Batch 40

New York City Diesel + Mandarin Cookies

Lemonade | Tangerine