Terrapin Care Station

Founded in 2009 in Boulder, CO, Terrapin Care Station is a consumer-focused cultivator, processor and provider of high-quality medical and retail cannabis products, with some of the most competitive prices on the market. The company leads the industry in corporate responsibility, developing one of the most comprehensive cannabis training programs for its staff of nearly 250.

All Batches with Terrapin Care Station…

Recreational Batch 660

Princess Pride

Blue Ice | Mango Lemonade

Recreational Batch 659

Indigo Angel

Sour Raz | Starfruit

Recreational Batch 658

Grease Monkey

Pineapple | Pomegranate

Recreational Batch 491

Space Cream

Champagne Mango | Dragon Fruit

Recreational Batch 490

Trop Cookies

Sour Apple | Strawberry Lemonade

Recreational Batch 489

Garlic Breath

Guava | Tropical Punch

Recreational Batch 339

Sour Alien OG

Green Apple | Pineapple

Recreational Batch 337

Hell's OG

Grape Punch | Sour Raz

Recreational Batch 335

Lemon Sweet Skunk

Limoncello | Passion Fruit