Veritas Fine Cannabis

The master growers at Veritas have been pushing the limits of cannabis in Colorado with their exotic and highly sought after cultivars since 2014. They maintain an impressive focus on every aspect of cultivation, which has resulted in them growing bud that’s impressive from its structure to its flavor. With the exceptional quality of their cannabis, Veritas has been releasing products that stand out in the emerging cannabis industry.

Beyond solely the quality of their cannabis, Veritas has also pushed the industry to new and higher standards through their detailed terpene profile and strain taxonomization. Their online database of terpene profiles and strain lineage has helped to educate consumers on the varying effects that are produced by different strains, as well as the intrinsic role terpenes play when interacting with the endocannabinoid system. In Latin Veritas means “the truth”, and “the truth” is what the Veritas team delivers!

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