What is Limonene?

Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021

When looking at the fruitier terpenes, Limonene stands out as one of the most common and easily recognizable terps found in cannabis. It’s associated with sweet and citrusy aromas, and even naturally exists within certain fruit rinds. Due to its unique aroma, Limonene is also used in a wide variety of cleaning supplies and cosmetic products. 

A few well-known strains of cannabis that feature Limonene as a dominant terpene are Strawnana, Wedding Cake, and Dosidos. These strains exemplify that a cultivar’s other dominant terpenes can play a significant role in how Limonene comes across in its aroma. Although Limonene generally contributes fruity qualities, it can also contribute notes of sugar and dough to a cultivar’s profile when it’s being overpowered by a funkier terpene (such as Caryophyllene).

Limonene’s effects are heady and tend to influence a person’s attitude more than their body. Due to this, Limonene can be helpful for providing stress and anxiety relief. It can even elevate a person’s mood. Some studies have also found this terpene to have a wide variety of medicinal benefits, but more research must be completed before anything is confirmed.